Our Story


My partner in crime, husband and I started this business after Ron and I got married in 2005.  Both of us craved a more sustainable way of niche farming, so we set our sights on raising a quality, commercial grade cross of sheep that’s good for meat and wool.

Our soap actually started as a 4H project!  While using our goats milk to feed orphan lambs and calves, we really accumulated quite the supply.  After running out of space in our freezers, the kids and I decided that they would enter homemade soap as a fair project. We found an old recipe that we made our own. My daughter Ashlyn won with it and after using it ourselves, we fell in love with it and decided to make more and offer it for sale.

While trying to reach personal dreams and goals with my business and blog, I also teach Community education classes. My interests beyond my online business include: watching my kids sporting events and participating in 4H.  

Ron and I are smitten with history, travel and food!

While writing as a freelance columnist for a few years, I have decided to branch out and add a blog to my website.  My blog is about the funny things that happen on our farm and what it’s like to be a farm wife, here, with all our kids and menagerie of animals.  I can’t wait for you to get to know us and our lives here on our piece of Heaven.


Fairchild Farmgirl